Fall Festival

For solo and ensembles: serves a dual function. It is a major fund-raiser for scholarships and serves as an opportunity for all students to perform for comments and a rating from qualified judges outside CCMTA. In addition, it serves as a “first hearing” for students preparing for CCMTA Auditions. It’s great for all ages and all levels of playing ability!


Pianothon is a major scholarship fund-raiser for CCMTA. Performing at Town Center Mall is a fun way to begin the Holiday Season. Teachers sign up for a block of time for their students to perform. Performed music may be Christmas selections but other music may be performed.

CCMTA Local Auditions

In contrast to Solo Festival, which offers opportunities for students of all levels of ability to participate, Auditions are meant to be competitive. Prepare your students to understand this process, knowing that competition will be keen. Scroll down for CCMTA Local Auditions information and helpful instructions.


Fall Festival, Pianothon, GMTA Auditions

CCMTA Fall Festival

For Soloists and Ensembles: All ages – All levels!

For:      Solo Piano, Voice and other instruments.

Info:     Students play 2 contrasting selections for comments and a rating

For:     Duets, Trios, Quartets, Quintets

Info:    Ensemble plays one selection for comments and a rating.

Date:    October 20th Place:  Kennesaw State University Fees:     $15 Solo, $10 per student in ensemble (max $30 per ensemble)

Registration Deadline: Oct 1st Registration. For online registration and additional information click on button links.

Solo Judge FormPark in Lot EParent Information For EnsemblesFall Festival Packet


For Public Performance at the Mall

For:      Piano, voice violin, viola and other instruments (piano must accompany other instruments) Date:    December 14,15 &16 Place:  Town Center Mall, Kennesaw Fee:     $15 per student, family maximum- $40 Registration: Teacher reservations will be taken at the September meeting and will continue until all time slots are filled or December 1st. Click on button for more details and to download all the necessary forms and waivers. Click on link to find all the forms and the scheduling link.

CCMTA Local Auditions 2019

CCMTA Local Auditions 2019

Deadline to register is January 11th. The date is earlier than previous years so please mark your calendars! Local Auditions will be held on Saturday, January 26.

GMTA 12th Grade Scholarship

Seniors who plan to major in music may audition for the CCMTA High School Senior Scholarship.  Event takes place on the Local Auditions Date.  Teachers should register students by contacting the CCMTA Local Auditions Chair. 

CCMTA HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: A first price of $1,000 and a Second Prize of $750 may be given at the discretion of the judge to declared music major students; awards will be sent to the colleges of their choice. The recipients of this award must meet the GMTA repertoire requirements and pass the GMTA Theory Exam, Level V, with a grade of 70% or better, and receive the “Outstanding Performer” award.

GMTA Regional Auditions

Georgia Regional & State Auditions

February 25th: Online registration deadline for Regional Auditions March 16th: Regional Auditions March 18th: Registration for State Auditions March 30th: State Auditions