Welcome to CCMTA Discussions!

This blog was envisioned to make it easier to have multi-way discussions between members of CCMTA. Thank you for your patience, as I have been building our website for only a little over a week now. I’m still making revisions, documents to load and lots of design tweaking to have things make sense and flow on our website, so please bear with me it’s a work in progress. I welcome feedback, corrections and suggestions to make the site better. Emily has committed to helping me.

One of the goals is to make a contact card for each teacher and we would like to have a high resolution portrait photo of each one of you we can use, so you may start sending them in to: [email protected]. If you have a website, you may indicate the url when you email your photo. Photos: Please send in some photos you may want to share on the website- we need a few more. If you wish to have the author’s credit show up, please indicate and for which photos.

Hospitality: Jordan, I know you sent around a sign up for items we could bring for the next meeting at KSU. Do we still need more items?